Mar 22, 2010

Greate Monday for Our Paid Members

1st message of morning to paid members at 8.42am as below:
Intra day Nifty Traders.
Buy nifty around 5180/5170 stop loss 5135
45/35 point risk.

2nd message to paid members at 9:6am:
Just see and book profit in Nifty in just 7 minutes 5235 told you to buy at 5180...enjoy life

3rd message to paid  members at 9:12 am.
If you don't trade then i can not send you demand draft,
always keep your eye open and trade, we personally sold Infosys futures and minted money! 

4th message at 10:42 nifty trading at 5248 keep stop loss of 5265 and sell
every one was jumping and buying and nifty crashed below 5208(40  point profit)
still looking weak only


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