Apr 30, 2010

"Nevers" In the Market

Never panick. Never Fear. Never worry. You can be cautious.
Never show over-exuberance.
Never become crazy.
Never add to a losing position.
Never go on telling your neighbor about your open positions.
Never keep staring blue biz Channel.
Never repeat a mistake.
Never learn a lesson Twice. If do, then not Thrice.
Never become bullish or bearish. Remain a rational. Being bullish or bearish on markets is an emotion. If you want to trade. Get in Get out. If you are investor, make value investing your maxim.
Never spread rumours, never believe in rumours. It mostly benefits the originator.
Never be overconfidence. Because overconfidence kills. In markets, surely.
Never try to time the market. Time yourself. Time your entry, exit. Time your caliber. Time your trades. Time your profits. Time Your Time.
Never over-trade.
Never think, trading is a job. It’s a business.

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