Aug 8, 2010

Diversification in Investment

Diversification in investments:

      It is literal and clear that diversification has all to do with reducing risk. You may also want to fancy-name it ‘asset-allocation’. Why would one ‘allocate’ to multiple asset classes or ‘diversify’ if one is safely sure about one asset class, and the return on would get, one would never think of any sort of allocating or diversification. Yes it also has to do with the advent of the ‘financial industry’. Recently we see in indian markets the launch of, simultaneously, gold etf and hybrid mf schemes involving equity, debt as well as gold etf investment. Why? They have launched only now? Wasn’t there as need of ‘gold-touch’ earlier? Or in one year only gold has become ‘investible’ or worth giving ‘allocation’? thus most of us do/or should understand, this is about business and they have to sell financial products, any for that matter.
Well, coming to the main topic, lets’ see some expert thoughts on diversification in investing:

Legendary investor Warren Bufferr has said for diversification,
“Diversification is protection against ignorance; it makes very little sense if you know what you are doing.”
He also says,