Jun 16, 2017

Megha Options - J A C K P O T Service - Time Tested Low Investment High Profit Trading In Options For Small Traders & Investors

After much research/time-testing NEW SERVICE launched by MEGHA INVESTMENTS & RESEARCH® team For Options Trading For Small Traders

Options trading is not particularly cheap and most people who succeed in options trading consistently trade with a lot of capital and high expertise.
But with our megha options jackpot service, even small trader who have small amount and very less time to trade can multiply his or her money in short period of time.
For this we came out with a very simple logic and made a hypothesis and tested it over a period of one year and found 100% positive results.
What we did was to wait for a dip and correction which always comes in market and on that day BUY CALL options in the stocks which are in consistent uptrend. Most of the time the very next day we are in a profit. And similarly we did for the PUT options, when the market is very up or the particular stock selected is up we bought the put options as we get them cheap on that day just like we get the call option cheap when the particular stock or market is down. And same thing happens mostly the very next day or on 2nd or 3rd day our put option is in profit as the stock again starts its journey downside.
Now as far as the selection of stocks in downtrend and uptrend is concerned, it is not very difficult task. In fact a reasonably smart trader and a professional technical analyst will easily know which stocks are in short/medium or long term uptrend and similarly which are in downtrend.
The fees also we have kept very low and especially, we give only 1-2 calls.
As you can see the options that we are going to buy are going to be between Rs.5000-Rs.10000 and not much.
As we expect 100-500% rise in each option we buy weather call or put, a subscriber can expect his money to double every month. If someone is trading with bigger capital then we will have to format a different trading strategy for them. As this very simple approach we have kept for small traders. 
We welcome all to take benefit of Indian stock market with MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH team's low risk high return and time tested research methods.
We have 10 years of strong research background to back upon. So, stop thinking and start earning real money from the markets.
You can always discuss with our executive on 9510077089 for further details.