Mar 15, 2010

DOW JONES at crucial levels

Dow Jones is trading at resistance levels on two different theory,
(1)Elliott wave super cycle
(2)gann 2700 degree 

Before few month ago i have given analysis with graph (kindly find out from US market key word). Dow  Jones has completed wave 1, around 10500 to 11100 levels to complete wave 2 and thereafter wave 3 to start, which can take dow at new low!

Now as per gann  degree charting, it is at crucial resistance levels of 2700 degree from low of 6469,the resistance levels is 10800.

Why the 2700 degree resistance levels is so important one?
if any one is following or knowing the gann charting there is list of degree and factor and based on that one can find out the future trend reversal levels.

If you convert any degree in to single digit by adding figures it will by "9".  Let's see how,

45 degree=4+5=9
90 degree=9+0=9
135 degree=1+3+5=9
180 degree=1+8+0=9
225 degree=2+2+5=9,
and so on, 

then 2700 degree=2+7+0+0=9

So the levels by converting from  degree become important to change the current trend.  

The rules of the game is to be in direction of major trend and get out when the trend has reached the stage where almost everyone has become complacent and careless.

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