Oct 9, 2016

Some Of The Most Successful Traders In The World And The Money They Made

Below are some of the great persons who proved that we can also make tremendous amount of money from trading and it's not that one can become wealthy from long-term investing only.
So, below are some of the most successful traders and the kind of money the made

Jesse Livermore (Considered by many to be the greatest stock market operator ever. Made 100 million dollars in 1929 stock market crash. Made several other multi-million dollar fortunes in his trading career).

Richard Dennis (Turned 400 dollars into a fortune of at least 200 million dollars by using his remarkable trading skills).

-Ed Seykota (One of the greatest traders of all time. Turned 5000 dollars into an incredible 15 million dollars or more).

-Paul Tudor Jones (An amazingly consistent and successful trader. In 2006, earned a whopping 750 million dollars).

Bernard Baruch (Fantastic trader who earned ten’s of millions of dollars in the first part of the 20th century).

- Michael Marcus (In a ten-year period, he multipled his company account by an incredible 2500 times).

-Bruce Kovner (One of the world’s largest traders in the 1980′s. Made profits of over 300 million trading for himself).

-Randy McKay (Turned $2000 into $70,000 his first year of trading. Went on to double digit million dollar gains).