Dec 28, 2012

FII Investment at record high in 2012 at $125 billion

FII Investment at record high in 2012 at $125 billion
  • The total cumulative investment by FII in India (foreign institutional investors) has hit record high in 2012 with addition of investment of net inflow of 23 billion USD in 2012.
  • The net inflow of 2012 is second highest after record net inflow of $29b in year 2010.
  • The FIIs pulled out net 2714 crore or 358 million usd in the year 2011. We all know the year 2011 was a sluggish one for markets.
  • To total the FIIs bought 6.5 lakh crore rupees equities and sold 5.3 lakh crore rupees equities in 2012. We can see that the turnover ratio is quite high looking at the global and domestic economic situation. We can also understand how foreign investors continued to take interest and remain confident on India’s economy and business environment.

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