Feb 9, 2013

When you are writing…Tips on writing better

When you are writing…Tips on writing better
·        Write your heart out.
·        Let the rebel speak out-loud.
·        Let your mind squeeze your experiences and analytics.
·        Don’t think that others’ are going to read and .what others would think’. Just write you want to, you ought to!
·        Try to first do it with pen and paper and then in computer. Because I think writing on paper is very very natural experience and mostly now in this computer age when we work with computer machines in office and use a pen generally only to do signatures.
·        Don’t write offensive and stuff that is guaranteed to wrongly harm others/innocents in any manner.
·        When the flow of thoughts is streaming in your mind, don’t stop. Keep on writing. Grammars and synthetics don’t matter at all. Try to edit as less as possible or not at all.
·        Don’t try to show off to be intelligent. Be natural. Be yourself. Learn, improve but don’t imitate. Don’t artifice.
·        Be social but more importantly be natural.
·        Don’t let the fear or excuse of not being original to succumb you to not to write. Just write. Everyone can produce originals. There can be as many originals as may humans on this planet. There can be 6 billion Monalisas and as many symphonies and sculptures and literatures can be produce.
·        Spontaneity could be the master key to delightful writing. (I use word delight and not success.)
·        When you yourself feel proud, delight and novelty; satisfaction and sense of fulfillment while reading your own writings after days, months, years; you’re on the right way.
·        Don’t become your own critic. Let this job for others.
·        Forget others. Express yourself to yourself.

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Our thoughts on Government of India’s Disinvestment plan and what should be the perspective of the retail investors

Our thoughts on Government of India’s Disinvestment plan and what should be the perspective of the retail investors:
Only speculators and government benefits from disinvestment most of the time. Retail investors are sold themes in every boom and now busts too.
Only rise in free float doesn't make any companies share attractive.
Such Things are good for short term investment and speculation but not for the real intelligent investor.
No rational expert will suggest buying into disinvestment companies. If there are any opportunities then they may be only due to valuations and not BECAUSE OF MERELY A FACT THAT GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO OFFLOAD ITS STAKE AND PUBLIC SHAREHOLDING IS GOING TO INCREASE.
Themes have battered investors harshly and we have seen that in dotcom themes, realty theme. The latest is power theme in the last bull market that ended in year 2008. Here we have given some more details of the results of doing such theme based investing. Stock markets are made of investors and speculators alike. If investor gets mixed with speculator gang than he is bound to be misguided.
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