Sep 17, 2011

Indian Investors Club: Get full-year Multi-bagger & Value-investing Stock Recommendations

A plain-vanila full-year
Multi-bagger & Value-Investing
Stock Recommendation Service.
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-You will find thousands of websites and analysts Very less professional and research firms online provide dedicated service to investors who seek for advice to invest in Indian stock markets.
-We already have 4 different types of advisory products for investors. However standardized they were, but there was an element of individualization and customization to each of 4 of them. While we found a whole class of investors, mainly neo investors and short to mid-term and highly active investors, who want regular advice and updates. They want to invest haphazardly unlike the 4 types of service we already have; they want ‘as and when’ type stock recommendation for investors.
-These encouraged us to design this product named INDIAN INVESTORS CLUB where our investment analyst team give out stock recommendations on as and when basis. The stock recommendation are mainly value-investing and multi-bagger types with expected target, return in % and expected holding duration. Also, the stock recommendation will include midcap, smallcap and high risk high return multi-bagger stock recommendation. While recommendation will also be given for short-duration investors of 3-6 months.