Aug 24, 2011

List of Derivatives/futures and options on NSE National Stock Exchange of India Ltd./List of NSE Stock Futures

So many people ask us about the list of Stock Futures on NSE/securities and indices in derivatives/futures and options list on NSE.
We request all investors/traders and students of markets to thoroughly visit websites of nseindia and bseindia. You will find so many useful information on these sites itself, including latest data and tools of analysis as well.

Below is the link from where you can get currently updated LIST OF DERIVATIVES/FUTURES AND OPTIONS ON NSE/NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE:

The list is updated regularly by the exchange. Also all the information about contract specification is also given for each security. Detail of indices futures and options is also given. You will also find NSE Symbols for each security so that you can easily find them on your trading terminal or on nse site. You will also find past trading data, and current open interest and activity in respective contracts.
You will find the date of last update of this list at the bottom of the page of which the link is given.
We are also writing an article in which a full guide for navigating and using NSEINDIA and BSEINDIA will be given. Thanks to suggestions from readers.

(This post is published at repeated request from Anil Dar, Rajesh Kakad, VK Parthsarthi, and other 25 odd persons who emailed us in this respect at different times)