Mar 9, 2011

All price-rises inevitably end up in bubble, But all price-rises are not bubble

All price rises inevitably end up in bubble. But all price-rises are not bubbles-
            We funnily see reporters like Udayan Mukherji when talking with international economist/experts and such other market participants and serious-facedly talking about bull-run eventually turning up into a bubble or ‘possibly’ ending up in bubble. And the interviewee also respecting his answer generally responds into affirmation. And many times using diplomatic languages in even talking about the most obvious thing.
            Many times we are fed up with the ‘dramas’ of the business tv channels reporters. But as we have mentioned in our earlier articles, that they poor guys have to ‘fill the airtime’.
            After all they are not paid to teach the investors or given salary out of SEBI’s investor protection fund! May be SEBI should think of starting investor protection tv channels! Or may be not!

Let’s come to point.
            We want to talk about the