Sep 19, 2009

MidCapPMS1- is open for subscription for non-members and general public!-

Dear friends,

As we have maintained our tradition to keep intact with changes and to remain alert and to be able to give our viewers, readers and followers maximum benefit of stock markets. This time around it was the MIDCAP space we were keen to make a suitable and minimum 100% return portfolio.
The TargetPMS1 and 2 series stocks consisted of LARGECAP stocks as well along with some midcaps.
But This MIDCAP-PMS 8 Stocks are PURELY MidCap Companies.

These All New Purely MidCap Stocks prices ranges around Rs.100 and 200, and not unlike the TargetPMS1 and 2 series stocks-in which some largecaps were four digit, most were above Rs.250 and more.
Anyways, this MIDCAP-PMS Scheme was first offered to existing members of various services at fee concession and is now open for all of the readers, viewers and followers.

We believe the next Huge return in Indian Stock Market stocks is going to be in MidCap Space. Keep watching this space for more on Why now the-most-important-time-to-invest in MidCaps?, and more about MidCap-PMS 8 Stocks and its performance.

Thanks and Regards,
Megha Investments & Research Team,