Jan 1, 2010

Market SENSOR: Insider News, Information and Rumour based Tips


What is it that makes the stocks go up and down, rise and fall, skyrocket and slump? Yes. It’s the information. Information which comes in form of news and rumours.
The information which comes in the form of official release or close to 100% reliable and confirmed is said to be news. While information coming from unofficial and secret, unanimous sources and difficult to measure in terms of reliability is said to be rumours.
Such information can be specific or vague/unspecific. For e.g. “PREMIER LTD to announce launce of ranges of automobiles in November 2009”. This is an example of Specific information. While “Sources suggests some good news in the offing for PREMIER LTD by the end of this month” is an example of vague of unspecific information. We try to give MORE NEWS based information THAN RUMOUR BASED information.
Another thing in the world of Insider News based Trading is information regarding bulk buy-sell in shares which has already happened or is going to happen. This can be for intra-day as well as positional delivery based also. Interesting thing about such large bulk/price-driving buying selling based stock tip is that it itself can be based on information which may be in the nature of news or rumour as explained above or merely by virtue of such large bulk buying and selling in the share by STOCK OPERATORS or such other persons/entities.
        The MARKET SENSOR  is a service that sniffs out and sends you the signal as to who or what is the force behind the movement of a scrip .This information is provided to you well on time to enable you to take the right decisions at the right time.


  1. Any type of good information.
  2. Any type of bad information.
  3. Earnings reports.
  4. Takeover, mergers and acquisition.
  5. Activity of Stock Operators.
  6. Activity of Investor (such as some Long-term players taking position or offloading position. For e.ge we saw Satyam Computers’ stock declining from 115 to 85 on selling stake by L & T.)

  1. Company specific.
  2. Non-company specific, i.e. effecting sectors and/or the market as a whole.

Under MARKET SENSOR-insider information and rumour based service, we provide messages in two-ways. 1. Simple information as we receive or find it. 2. Information with trading levels, which may include target and stop loss as well.

  1. As per sources GMDC will rise 10 rupees in the next 2 -3 days.
  2. Some unusual buying has been witness in HIND ZINC –sources point out that good news from govt for stake sell.
  3. Sources suggest land development news in landmark leisure; also tell that the scrip will double.
  4. Someone purchased 15 lakhs shares of SUZLON in last 15 minutes. You can buy with stop loss of 89 and target of 92.5-94 for intraday and 110 for 10 days.
  5. Aegis logistic to announce a buy-out. One week target 178, keep sl of 117.

These are only few of the sample messages and the messages may differ depending upon our judgment and type of information.
Lastly we want to point out that we may also provide messages on the basis of our own observation and filtered from tools of analysis.

  1. There will be 4-8 messages in a week.
  2. The messages may be useful for intraday trading and/or delivery based trading as well depending on the message. In case of doubt or ambiguity, the subscriber can always call us and seek clarity and guidance.
  3. 1 month FEE is Only Rs.2500.

.Profit with confidence.

We do not encourage insider trading. But it is universal fact that “if you are not INSIDE, than you are OUTSIDE!” We don’t guarantee the reliability of information neither claim to give perfect information. We also don’t claim to give any insider news which are restricted by any law of India. We don’t indulge into any such practice which is termed illegal by laws of India. We merely pass information. We suggest you to take informed decision and make sure that you don’t indulge in any type of illegal insider trading.