Apr 28, 2012

Web Review: www.NSEIndia.com, Official Website of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd

Stock exchange or bourse is a mutual organization which provides facilities for stock brokers and traders, in trading company stocks and other securities, and for the issue of redemption of securities and other financial tools and capital events like the payment of income and dividends. Stock Exchanges in India also assist the issue and release of securities and other monetary tools incorporating the fortification of revenues and dividends. National Stock Exchange of India is India’s largest Stock Exchange and World’s third largest stock exchange in terms of transactions. In this article we are going to give review on www. Nseindia.com  which is the official website of National Stock Exchange India Ltd.

NSE website has proved as a boon not only for the investors but also for the aspiring financial professionals seeking proper training and education in financial markets. The main objective behind NSE is to establish trading facility nationwide for all types of securities. It also ensures equal access to all investors in the country through the process of an appropriate telecommunication network. NSE was able to achieve its objectives within a very short span of time. NSE has national reach to major market segments like equity or capital markets, futures and options or derivatives market, wholesale debt market, mutual funds, initial public offerings and so on. NSE provides an easy access to all the important information related to financial instruments.

The typical home page of the site shows nifty chart, major indices like nifty preopen, S&P CNX nifty, CNX Nifty junior, CNX Nifty midcap, Nifty Midcap 50 etc and other indices like Bank Nifty, CNX IT and CNX Auto etc. In addition to that it also provides links of stock watch, Nifty gainers, Nifty losers and other all important links to inside pages. But unlike BSE, NSE doesn’t have moving ticker of  stock quotes on its home page or anywhere else, which we strongly believe it should have so that even a layman visiting the NSE website can have a look at a particular scrip quotes within fraction of seconds, instead of digging the website for a longer time. Also for a lay investor it should also have a link of corporate announcements on the home page as well so that the website sounds more user friendly for a routine information like that.

Anyway we will move forward to discuss the other features of NSE website. NSE has a product section where the investors and traders can educate themselves about all the financial instruments being traded on exchange. Under the product section of NSE we would talk about currency derivatives as it was introduced quite lately in exchange. A currency future, also known as FX future, is a futures contract to exchange one currency for another at a specified date in the future at a price (exchange rate) that is fixed on the purchase date. Currency Derivatives are available on four currency pairs viz. US Dollars (USD), Euro (EUR), Great Britain Pound (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY). Currency options are currently available on US Dollars. The direct link of currency derivative is:
 Moreover product feature also provides an access to reports and historical data pertaining to all products including currency derivatives available on NSE in this section. The link to this feature is:

Now we would talk about one of the most useful and popular feature of the website i.e. Corporate section. The Corporate section of NSE website gives different dates related to corporate benefits like bonus, dividend and the announcements like face splits. All these dates are to find out eligible investors for the corporate benefits and smooth passage of these benefits to them. All this information is given under the sub link of corporate information. There are other sub features of corporate section besides corporate information like listing on NSE which explains in details listing of mutual funds, listing on Capital market, listing on WDM segment (Wholesale Debt Market), Listing on RDM segment (Retail Debt Market) and benefits of listing. This feature is useful in having right knowledge about listing norms and regulations of different instruments and the website also explains it quite well. There are two another sub features called as securities information and other information. The securities information provides information on listed securities, forthcoming issues and recent listings. This feature is really useful for the investors who invest in IPOs.  The other information provides information on compliance, company contact details and so on. NSE also has a tie up with CRISIL for independent equity research reports. These reports offer the information on company background, financial analysis, peer analysis, stock indicators, and shareholding pattern and so on. It also offers several benefits to the company being covered like it enhances transparency, supports investor relation and enhanced visibility across investors. This initiative by NSE is indeed commendable because these reports are very useful for long term investors.  The link of corporate information: http://www.nseindia.com/corporates/new_corporates.htm
The other feature of NSE called as live data provides the access of live data to traders where traders can see things like advances and declines, top ten  gainers, top ten  losers , most active securities, new 52 week high or low etc. It provides this information for all the financial instruments i.e. equity, derivatives, currency derivatives, exchange traded funds and bonds in Capital market. The link of live data is: http://nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_market.htm
 In addition, NSE also has TAME ie Technical Analysis Made Easy. It is a charting technique and analysis tool to measure market movements with the help of indicators. TAME provides an exhilarating experience with its inbuilt indicators that make analysis simple and easy.  The direct link of TAME is  
The live section of NSE also offers option chain of equity derivatives and currency derivatives. Under this section, investor can find a lot of data on call option and put options of the stocks, currency at different strike price. It provides data like open interest, change in open interest and volume. This information is again very useful in knowing the sentiment of investors towards markets or any particular stock. This is the best way for any investor to know about open interest and price of any index or stock or currency at a particular strike price. Along with that it offers charts as well. The direct link of option chain of equity derivatives is:
The direct link of option chain of currency derivatives is:
In the live section, investors can also access information on international index like S&P and Dow Jone industrial average. This information is very useful for tracking international markets which is very important for all the investors worldwide. This link provides data on International index options and futures. The direct Link is:  http://nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/derivative_stock_watch.htm?cat=GI
Similar to data of international index information, NSE also provides all the data of currency futures contracts which is again very useful for Currency traders. This section provides all the important information on currency futures like LTP, volume, turnover etc. On the similar lines trader has an access to all the data of interest rate futures as well. In short, these sub sections of live analysis provides all the important routine information on all the financial instruments.   
The direct link of currency futures data is:
The direct link of interest rate futures is:
Last but not the least traders and investors can also have an access to new 52 week high and new 52 week low of all the stocks traded in exchange. This information is useful for the technical analysts as well as it helps in finding out important support and resistance levels of stocks. The direct links of 52 week high and 52 week low of stocks are:

It also has a margin calculator under tools section which calculates margin required for trading in equity derivatives, which again is very useful for derivative traders.  The direct link is:

Now we will move to the investor section of NSE. NSE has an investor section which takes care of investor rights and obligations. It also educates the beginners on basic concepts like how to do online trading and also impart basic knowledge on day to day trading or investments. It has a subsection called as interesting investment concepts, which is the commendable feature of this website. This subsection covers many interesting topics like basics of financial markets, introduction to power of attorney, soch samajh ke invest kare leaflet and so on. This also doesn’t end here! It also has equities guide where investors can get answers to common questions on mutual funds, gold ETFS and indices. It also has a complaint section where investor can file a complaint against any listed company on any issue like non receipt of dividend, non-receipt of Allotment Advice, securities allotted, refund order or any complaint regarding transfer of securities. It has a proper investor grievance resolution panel which caters to the needs of investors by resolving the queries of investors, resolution of investor complaints and by providing Arbitration Mechanism for quasi judicial settlement of disputes. It also saves a lot of investors from the fraud by letting them know about the defaulters or expelled members under its defaulter section.  Also investor can download form for any complaint or claim against any defaulter from the website only. This initiative by NSE is also commendable where investors issues are being taken care very well and also the mode of lodging complain is also very convenient and less time consuming. The link of investor section is:

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