Mar 23, 2010

Tasty Tuesday For Our paid Members

Todays message to paid members

first message at 7:57am
over night nifty update
keep stop loss 5265
expect panic below 5180
closing below 5130 will create blood-bath
hold 5300 april call for hedge

second message at 9:17am
nifty option traders buy 5100 april month put trading at 72
exit if nifty cross 5265 

third message at 9:52
nifty traders save this message
today if nifty not cross 5248 and close below 5234
then bears control
read again and again

forth message  at 1:1pm
book profit in nifty around 5200 short at 5248/ 5235

fifth message at 1:17pm
now nifty below 5200 book profit and celebrate RAM NAVMI(birth day of RAM who win lanka(presently sri lanka)
short at 5248 and 5235
48+35 point profit

sixth message at 2:07pm
nifty trading at 5220 keep stop loss 5215

seventh message at 2:11pm
dont shock by just 5 points stop loss
our insiders says one big player will cover 5lakh nifty

eighth message at 2:42pms
book profit in nifty at 5240 and salute us
from 5220
enjoy blast 

many new traders ask about track record now i have put my todays time wise message and this message will be read also by my paid members

if you wants to become paid members call me!
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