May 13, 2017

Stock Recommendation Of The Day : Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. Buy/Sell/Hold? Short - Mid Term View 13 May 2017 For Trading Positional Technical Analysis Recommendation

Stock Of The Day : Polaris Consulting & Services Limited

CMP : 212
Recommendation: Buy
Targets : ?
Stoploss: ?
Duration: ?

Polaris Consulting & Services Limited, erstwhile known as Polaris Financial Technology Ltd will soon probably again change name to Virtusa Polaris, as now it majority stake has been acquired by Virtusa, a NASDAQ listed global IT firm.
In brief, the fundamentals are not bad, the sales has been considerably high and profitability has been steady. Can't say that it is making tons of money, but is neither losing it.

Technical picture is also not so gloomy. The stock price has been steady and less violent between 50 and 200 range which is not too much for a midcap/smallcap category stock such as Polaris.
Looking at the monthly chart the stock is trying to come out with a long underperformance and almost 15 years of range ceiling of 200. Above 220, we expect the stock to give fast 30-50% and eventually double in short time after that.

The merger will give rise to delisting hypes which will only fuel the stock rally and arbitrage and special situation funds to get on the band wagon.
We recommend a pure technical and situational buy with constant monitoring and swing trading.
Right entry time is crucial for trading in stocks like this.

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