Apr 12, 2013

10 years trend in Equity ownership in India among Promoters, MFs, FIIS, and Retail Investors:

10 years trend in Equity ownership in India among Promoters, MFs, FIIS, and Retail Investors:

Here you can see in the table illustrating the changes in equity ownership in stock market share holding pattern over the last more than 10 years among promoters, FIIs, Mutual funds, and retail investors among others.
Reail investors have pulled out Rs.66000 crore out of equities in the year 2012-13.
We can see that the stake held by promoters has remained at average 50% over the decade, however we strongly believe this trend will change and the average promoters' shareholding in Indian stock markets during the next decade shall be over 40% but below 45%. The rest will be held by FII and FDI investors in the next few years and then and then only retail and mutual fund participation may be able to increase their pie out of the promoter stake decline in market capitalization of the Indian stock markets.

Apr 8, 2013

Apr 3, 2013

The possible Indian Stock Market Nifty Movement in Next 12 months

The State of the Markets as on today and Where are they heading?
Indian Stock Markets, Nifty, Sensex Future in Next 12 months:

We saw NIFTY touching 6111.80 on 29 Jan 2013, which was almost 2 year high for Indian Stock Markets.
As we had explained how the markets can rise in coming months in our last article of September 2012, the market almost behaved in the anticipated fashion.
(Please read the article at below link giving explanation with charts. Also find how we predicted a US Stock Markets present bull run)

We will, in this article discuss what could be the course of the Indian Stock Markets in the coming months. We will also give a short commentary on global markets which comprises of US, Europe and Asian markets other than India.

The markets behaved haywire in January and gave hopes of a new year long and more bull run by making almost more than 2 year highs.

Apr 2, 2013


What to do in Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.
As on 10.11 AM on 2/04/2013.
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Apr 1, 2013

Book Excerpts of "HOT COMMODITIES", how anyone can invest profitably in the world’s best market” by Jim Rogers

“HOT COMMODITIES, how anyone can invest profitably in the world’s best market” by Jim Rogers
Publish date= 1994
Introduction and prologue by us:
Jim Rogers founded the famous Quantum Fund along with George Soros. However, he became more famous after he successfully predicted and aggressively advocated, in the early years of first decade of twenty first century; for case for a bull market across commodities. He wrote this book basically to express his views on the same and giving out information about trading and investing in commodities.
It was a precious reading at the time of launch. However, even after now close to a decade since the book was first published (2004), the lessons on commodity investing and importantly the approach towards it has not vanished.
There are very good explanation about some of the most important commodities in detail and their history as well.
One has to keep in mind, that today, in the investment world as we know it, commodities are not an entirely a new asset class. However, while this book was written, it was not. It was only beginning to start to get recognition, and perhaps one of the strong important factors was this book itself.  Since, then in last 5-8 years, commodities have an ‘official’ asset class for diversification, rather than an element ‘included passively into equities’. Hundreds and thousands of commodity specific funds have been introduced by investment companies across the world. The advent of Commodity ETFs have given enormous boost to them and the almost long lasting position of commodities seem to have been cemented into the investment world of this new century.

Below are some of the important excerpts from the book,
       ……I had always been interested in current affairs and history, and it was a revelation to learn that someone on Wall Street would actually pay me for figuring out that a revolution in Chile would drive up the price for copper.
       CRB Commodity Yearbook is a bible for all those who want to track commodities.
       I vaguely recall studying the CRB charts for various raw materials; when I saw a sharp rise, I analyzed why the prices of that commodity went up so quickly.
       Whenever someone claims that investing has become different this time around, I grab my money and run.
       There should be consistency, stability and transparency in an index.
       The Rogers Raw Materials Index Fund International Commodities Index opened for business August 1, 1998 based on the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI). It features a basket of 36 commodities.
       I was now old enough to know that anytime you move away from the herd, the herd will criticize you, indeed revile you; it will call you ‘crazy’.
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