Jun 15, 2010

Movement of RNRL,RPower and Our article--Creating Understanding n Understanding Mkts

In the markets events happen. There is nothing wrong in it. But the only problem is that investors get confused. And those who are least informed and does not constitute amongst the HNI list of brokerages and high-profile portfolio managers Almost get a Fainting.
             Markets saw a Sharp response on the Day of 7 May 2010. It was the day when the Supreme Court in a Big judgment comprising India’s two largest Corporate, gave verdict in favor of RIL group and dismissed RNRL’s all contentions. This was a case lost which was aggressively and patiently pursued by the Reliance ADAG Group. The verdict against R-ADAG group took the group companies shares smashing down. RNRL tanked close to 27% and R-Power tanked close to 12% on that day. There was a complete dispersion amongst investors. Because the case was much hyped and