May 13, 2009

Become a Business Partner, Take our Franchisee

Franchisee Details

 Any professional working in financial field and having proper knowledge and familiarity about risks and benefits of investing and trading in stock markets can take our franchisee.
  • Stock brokers/sub brokers are invited especially.
  • You can also be a Mutual fund Agent, Insurance Agent, Equities Dealer, 
  • Relationship Manager, Branch Manager and so on.
  • Apart from this professionals working in or serving the financial sector in any other manner are also well suited for our franchisee.
  • These persons are expected/ assumed to have a good client base or doing/handling work for their client base. It may also include persons desiring to make and expand client base and having little or even no experience of a financial advisory franchisee. 
  • We don’t accept Franchisee proposals from non-financial entity/person unless it is a company/employer wanting to become a franchisee for its employees or in such other case provided Megha Investments & Research is bestowed the full authority for customers’ servicing, handling and decision making of that Franchisee.

   Over the 7 years of rich experience, research and study, our team has designed best types of service products for traders and investors alike.
Please find separate attachment/check out on our website pages giving details of our services for investors and traders.

WHY CHOOSE Megha Investments & Research FOR FRANCHISEE?
  •   Megha Investments & Research team has established its name throughout whole of India and abroad as well by showcasing a consistent, commendable and credible track record in market forecasting and prudent advisory for trading and investments.
  •   Our team has developed our own unique and time-tested trading systems such as ‘FII TRADES THEORY’, and successfully been able to commercially popularize it as revenue generating advisory product.
  •   Our target has always been that of retaining and renewing existing subscriber base and then after acquisition of new subscriber, which is our unique edge over most other competing outfits.
  •   All the works of sending messages (trial/paid) and handling paid clients are borne by Megha Investments & Research. (unless you are going for such a franchisee option in which you perform this function.
  •   We have 08:00 to 11:00 customer support executive for the franchisee and his/her clients.
  •   Clear and complete service specification to fit the need of different traders, investors and flippers.
  • Access to special tips and research report for franchisee only.
  •   As a matter of ethics, database of any person of any type acquired from the franchisee during the course of franchisee or otherwise, shall not be used, sold by us and shall remain the property of the provider of the data only.
  • The franchisee will get the benefit of all the services completely free of cost throughout his franchisee duration. However for this the franchisee’s average monthly fee collection should remain above the total fee of all service.
  • Our approach for branding of our services/packages such as the famous HOTCALLS, FII TRADES THEORY based calls.
  •   Regularly updated rich contents in the form of articles, research, recommendations, news and views on our interactive blog site.

First of all we don’t provide any completely free trial based service facility to the franchisee or its clients so as to avoid incidences of fraud or waste of time behind non interested and non-genuine parties who only wants to take trial. This is in line with our policy of non trial based service. However we provide such arrangements that the franchisee can give trial to his/her clients without him/her or clients to pay the full fees, and guess what there a provision of FULL REFUND of fee also.

There are three ways how you can become a franchisee of Megha Investments & Research Team.

1.       Join our all or any of the service with normal fee structure and then you will have better confidence and idea about our services to give time to become and work for your franchisee as well as benefit your clients and close circle people.
2.      Pay only Rs. 15,000 as deposit for a period of one month and enjoy the benefit of all the services during these time duration. If you don’t like any of the services i.e. in terms of delivery of messages and accuracy of the calls, then we will completely refund your money. Really!
3.       Start with at least 5 clients and at least 30% advance fee with the provision of making the rest of the fee payment within two weeks of the beginning of service. For e.g., person interested in taking franchisee should provide with at least 5 phone numbers and 30% of fees in advance i.e. suppose 5 clients of the franchisee are taking trial for our ONLY NIFTY CALLS service, then the franchisee would have to secure 30% amount of the regular fee of Rs.4500 from all 5 clients, to Megha Investment & Research i.e. Rs. 6750 (4500*5*30%) in total.
In this route, the franchisee will get 30% share of total fee collection.

Similar rule applies for all services and number of clients except PMS and FII services.
Of these, 100% Fee is refunded in case the accuracy is not found satisfactory as per general market norms.
4.      Another route is flat 20% fee-sharing route. Here the interested persons can simply send us list of premium numbers/emails; and our marketing team will make attempts to convert these ‘leads’ into paid members. The person supplying the ‘leads’ will get 20% share straight away without bothering to handle clients, if any of the leads materalise into paid client.
The person interested in giving should give good, genuine and pemium leads only. And not all the sorts of raw data without names and such other details. We will mention the reference of the franchisee if he/she likes to.
5.      Many of you may also find our monthly fee ‘BROKER’S PACK’ also important which gives all the traders based service at Rs.15,000 for 1 month.
6.      If you are a telemarketing advisory company or want to be one and also want to take our franchisee, but you want to take our full-time full expertise relating to research and analysis; then we take 30% flat of gross revenue collection from you for providing customized minute to minute research and analysis support.
You only have to worry about getting leads, and handling clients, we will give the best accurate trading and investments support to you for/and your clients/leads.
Our 30% flat fee of gross revenue also includes the renewal clients and not only first time members.
Please talk and meet up with our manager for further formalities for going by this route.

All the fees must be accepted in bank accounts or at offices of/at MEGHA INVESTMENTS & RESEARCH only.
Please read disclaimer and disclosures, terms of use, legal notices, etc.on our website

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