Jun 23, 2010

Lessons for Investors and Traders

Don’t regret that you have not bought many stocks that are rising. Many stocks that are making highs. Mostly for the stocks of companies you don’t know anything about.
Remain contended with your profits.
At the same time don’t lay idle. Act with markets if you want profits. You have got to trade in companies shares that you know well about.
You have got to believe in the power of fundamentals. And then understand the game of volumes.
You also have to get the ‘right’ idea about ‘general conditions’ what is explained by jesse Livermore in his famous book ‘reminiscence of a stock operator’
Never take profits for granted. Don’t think things are easy and you got it your way. Keep your feet on ground.
Some misconceptions and misunderstandings: prevailing amongst investor class.
When a company
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