Dec 27, 2013


Pharma stocks have become a darling of traders in recent times including the IT stocks. In many ways the way picture is being painted is that one of a competition between the two economy sectors to outperform each other. However, the rise in pharma stocks has been mainly sporadic across largecap, midcap and smallcap while that of IT stocks is secular in trend but not across market cap classifications. The trend among the IT has remained with the frontline stocks. While reverse is true for the pharma stocks. We have seen legendary rises in pharma stocks like aurobindo pharma, wockhardt pharma and such other midcap pharma stocks whlie the reverse is true for midcap counterpart in IT sector which have seen declines. However, stocks like Tata Elxi and Hexaware are trying to cover the lost ground. There are altogether different genre of IT stocks such as Geometric, which however, we @MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH, do not put strictly into IT space. You can take names of stocks like Kale Consultant also in the same breath.
Anyways, we want to highlight a small research done on Ranbaxy, Cipla and Glenmark for trading. We believe there is a lot room for both sectors. And stocks in these two sectors as well as fmcg should continue to remain defensive and performance generating ideas, while traders looking for big alfa may get one here and one there opportunity to take their 'kills' in the sectors like power, cap goods, retail which are trying to become the first wave in the next bull market. (Read our earlier articles here for complete market views for next several months )

CIPLA is trading at 404. RANBAXY 462, and GLENMARK which is relatively new entrant in derivatives list is trading at 537. These securities are good for trading for buy side investors as we go ahead in January with almost a whole week-kind of holiday on the back of Christmas season in half the world. Ranbaxy, should be picked with caution and above the present trading levels only as it is facing its stiffest resistance at the current prices forming triple top. Others are good to go.

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In an attempt to liven up the primary stock market, the market regulator SEBI has decided to allow companies to use creativity and innovative advertisements, of course with the necessary disclosures and information as mandated.
Since, the 2010 Coal India IPO, there has been not meaningful IPO in Indian markets. The primary market has been languishing; no wonder why it is so; as the secondary market is also in doldrums amidst the exodus of retail investors. It has been the foreign institutional investors who have been holding the market at near lifetime highs and keep it going; is a harsh fact of the time.
The Indian IPO market has been sluggish for almost three years and IPO proposals worth Rs 72,000 crore are yet to hit the market despite having got regulatory clearance.
Among various reforms, Sebi has introduced an e-IPO mechanism through which investments can be done online without signing any physical documents. This has helped fast-track the public offer processing time. 
On account of streamlining of process and other external factors, the average time taken for processing offer documents has also come down from 152 days to 48 days.
Besides, a facility to procure and submit IPO forms is now available to investors in more than 1,000 locations, as SEBI has allowed use of stock broker network of stock exchanges for submitting applications. 
The investors are also now directly able to submit ASBA (Amount Supported by Blocked Amount) applications in more than 67,000 bank branches as against less than 10,000 branches that existed earlier.