Dec 22, 2010

New FREE Feature in our INVESTORS SERVICES: Get ALERTS for "Wealth Destroying Stocks"


Alert for Negative List (Wealth Destroying) Stocks-
             Majority of investors have had the bitter experience of getting stuck into stocks that go down consistently and considerably from their buy price and seldom recover, or recover above their purchase price when it has been so many years that they have already lost on inflation, and interest rates on their capital as well as the opportunity costs that they would have earned out of other investments.
            At MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH, our approach to investing has always given paramount importance to Warren Buffets Philosophy of investing. He said: Rule no.1 is to Never lose money and Rule no.2 is to Never forget rule no.1. Our version of this rule can be: “Return of Capital is important than Return on Capital”.
            Times and again we have always Alerted our visitors about the stocks that destroy their wealth. From now we have made this approach and part of our activity as –A Feature in our “Services for Investors”
            Thus from now on any one activating any of our “Investor based Services” will get this Negative List of WEALTH DESTROYING STOCKS probably with lower targets as well.
            Why Do you at all Need “Alert for Wealth Destroying stocks”?