Oct 11, 2010

What did we tel about NIRMA LTD. on 28 Aug, before 45 Days from Today?

The Power of OPERATOR SURESHOT CALLS: NIRMA LIMITED- Announces Delisting of Shares. What did we tell on 28 Aug, before 45 Days from Today!
As Nirma Ltd announces delisting of its shares from NSE and BSE, the share has hit a year high of 265 in the early trade.

The decision was taken at the board meeting held on 9 October, 2010.

Now, Just take a look at the print screen image below. It shows how 45 Days (28 August, 2010) from today (11 October, 2010) we gave a hint of the happening in the making to our readers and viewers.
Our, first tgt of 237 was achieved in following 7 days.