Mar 9, 2009


  Megha Investments and Research is a team of well qualified, experienced and most importantly passionate and innovative researchers. It is only recently that  Megha Investments & Research Team has started professional services at nominal and affordable fees on request of hundreds of followers and fans.The Research Team has also created milestones by forecasting SENSEX 11,192 and various other stocks near-the-top of the last bull market when SENSEX touched 20,000 levels. When no one is willing to open mouth, it’s guaranteed that this team will give their bold and transparent views. The team made headways by forecasting the 2008 stock market crash by presenting subprime, p-notes, leverage problems and technical analysis of World Markets. The team believe in dynamism in forecasting and analysis because their strong belief that although fundamental economic principles and business facts never change; however the financial markets always try to find new relations and co-relations for itself. In this wake only, classical technical analysis and traditional fundamental analysis (that too both in isolation of each other) proves to be insufficient and inefficient for reasonably consistent forecasting results. This proposition tended them to apply more than just one tool of financial market forecasting at the same time and converge better-of-all-the-world. All the other team members are also educationally well qualified and rich in their experiences throughout markets and times. Some of them also serve at leading brokerage and advisory houses in Ahmedabad and Surat in research positions.
  We have framed this site in an interactive and updating Blog fashion. We regularly put research, recommendation, news, views, and other information related with ranging from investing, trading, stocks, commodities, news, views, global markets, global economy, life and living.
The other team members include Mr.Vatsal Aarya, Mr.Varun Joshi, Mr.Amit Shah. Names of some analysts have been kept confidential due to requests from them while others due to Our Firm's Policy.
Ultimately it’s YOU, the readers and subscribers that have encouraged us to turn our hobby, interest and passion into business of success.
Thank you all on behalf of whole team.
Megha Investments & Research team.   

OUR MISSION                                                                                                                                     It is rightly said that without a MISSION, any organisation can not achieve success and accomplishments, it desire to.                                                                                                                                             Thus here, we declare our MISSION to be a pioneer in bringing concepts from most obvious to most creative, innovative, and advanced in the field of investments and trading. This solely aimed at the betterment of consciousness and  monetary benefit to our paid customers as well as people following our free and public domain research and analysis.
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