Sep 19, 2010

SENSEX hits our Coveted and long popularize SENSEX TARGET of 19013

SENSEX hits our Coveted and long popularize 19013 TARGET:

 Unfortunately the SMS POST on (from our group FREESTOCKIDEA) became a little bit old and now not showing our post on hitting a search for ‘19013’, which it earlier before few months used to.
Neverthless, readers can try and hit “19013” or “sensex 19013” in on and find out prominent links how only and only MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH gave and boldly, repeatedly and confidently popularized our bullish tgt for SENSEX of 19013, just the way we did before THE BIG BEAR MARKET by promoting downside tgt for SENSEX of 11192.
Below is the SNAPSHOT OF GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT, the document which was published on Scribt site, which you can see at below link:

Below is a simple chart from yahoo finance site. It shows last 1 month Sensex activity. It shows that our said Target for Sensex was hit and crossed on 13, September 2010.


Sep 15, 2010

Claim your Gain from Markets: Gujarat Reclaim gives 75% in less than 3 months

Please Click the link below to read our fundamental recommendation of Gujarat Reclaim and Rubber products Ltd.-

The stock was recommended before less than 3 months and has since risen from Rs.798.35 to 1399 yesterday 14 Sept, 2010. A whopping return of over 75%!

          Please go to bottom of this site and click on ‘Performance’ tag/label to view more on past performance.

we will also put our performance of recommendations on FREESTOCKIDEA, and MARKETNOW, Smsgupshup groups through which we send daily 3-6 SMS, which as absolutely free.

Sep 14, 2010

BASF INDIA LTD- Safe Return of 60% in less than 3 Months

Click on the Link Below to Read Original Recommendation Article-
Then after as well, we have repeatedly recommended on our FREESTOCKIDEA group.
Today, it has hit New high of Rs.676.20.
         We strongly believe, after a rise of as much as 60% rise (from 420 to 676.20), the stock has potential to move further upward to achieve 100%+ return from our recommendation rate.
Our underlying belief in equity research is very simple- Give less recommendation, with strong argument and repeat it.