Apr 1, 2011

VIEWER'S VIEWS: Facebook's Exorbitant Valuations-A new era of tech/dotcom bubble in the making?

How much a website is worth? Face Book’s high valuations are ‘exorbitant’-
          Recently, there seems to be going around a sort of facebook mania on the internet and now well into investment world as well.
             This website founded in year Feb 2004, by 25 yr old Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, enjoying 500 million users as on July 2010; is making headlines for investors interests and fund raising deals valuing it higher and higher on each deals. But however, this does not seem anyone to be reminding of the dotcom bubble era.
                     Recently, the rounds of investment in Facebook by Goldman Sachs and DigitalSky Technologies assumingly valued the social networking site at around 50 billion dollars.