Jun 9, 2011

Strategy based Advisory

What really does an investor or a trader want?
A tip, a recommendation, a whisper from street?
Well, all of it is available, many times in plenty!
We see an ocean of anonymous stock advisory sites that shamelessly put PCP (pay per click) advertisements of other similar nature stock advisory sites, which, in normal understanding are their competitors.
Have you ever seen an ad for Kodak Cameras on Sony website or posters in showrooms? No. Never.
Thus, the sole motive of such 95%+ of (mostly anonymous) market advisory companies is to earn, earn and earn money only. The point is that they are not genuine. We even go ahead and say this is a fraud and unfair practice against the interest of investors and traders relying on internet for satisfying their needs of advise for trading and investing.
You may click here, to read more on this.

The main topic that we intended to start with is 'STRATEGY BASED ADVISE'.
Friends, we did a study on our own customer base for our different groups 'sure shot calls' service. And found interesting results;