Jun 19, 2017

Best Report on ALL REAL ESTATE STOCKS one page report technical and fundamental analysis very brief for 2017-2018 Short, Mid Term

Biggest Report on REAL ESTATE STOCKS is prepared by Morgan Stanley, CLSA, Macquarie, or Motilal Oswal ?
None of them.
Yes, it’s prepared by MEGHA INVESTMENTS & RESEARCH® team
Always one step ahead of the markets…
One page research with precise BUY/SELL/AVOID/TARGET/DURATION Recommendations of each stock with Top 10 features stocks as well.
Did you miss the NBFC rally? Then don’t miss this one.
Get the report and regular update about it for Rs.5000 only
Our DLF, Ibrrealty, HDIL, Prestige, Oberoi, Brigade etc. stocks already started rising
Many stocks will start rising.... HUGE UPSIDE....