Sep 4, 2016

Why traders lose money? Take time to do your HOMEWORK before you start trading/investing or select an advisor

Take time to do your HOMEWORK before you start trading/investing or select an advisor
Why traders lose money?
Selecting right advisor for stock market
Do your HOMEWORK before you start trading or select an advisor

Yes, this has been the problem with most if not everyone.
A person wants to trade/invest in the market and for that he wants some professional/expert advise.
So, he goes on Google and search for the same. In result they get a lot of advertisement sites as well some other results for the same.
Now, the person opens a bunch of the sites from the result and surfs them not giving proper time to go inside all pages and read it fully and also not giving time to compare.
Also, a big mistake made by him is register on the site for free trial, without knowing what it free trial? Why it is given out? What will he get out of it? Does it satisfy his needs for what he was looking for in the first place? Is it the right thing to do? Does any valuable thing come in free? Can he judge the performace of anyone for next one month based on 1 day advice? (read full article on free trials scam here )

So, he doesn’t do this and simply registers. Why, because of lack of awareness of the above questions as well as the deep subconscious lure of ‘free things’ in human nature. Besides, it’s fast, as the ‘unscrupulous site’ is only asking for name and mobile number most of the time which takes few seconds to fill up (and they know it).
So, the point is you should not be impatience in starting your trading and take your time to check out the complete site and try to figure out below questions by searching whole site, comparing it with other sites and its services on several points.
Below article can help you with that –

Also TALK TO THEM. You ask many questions and continue your discussion for many days. This is also a very good point to understand the real character of the advisory firm and its genuineness. Ask them questions about their methods and so on. Ask them why 10 points why you should trust them with your money. (we have this big notice on our site saying discuss with us before selecting services)
See, just can’t risk your thousands or lacs Rs. by opening websites in google results and registering in them for free oneday trial. Is this what you want really? So, TAKE YOUR TIME and DO YOUR HOMEWORK before your trade or invest( learn some most basic things about trading- available on google only- devote 1 week or 2 week to find good advisor and selecting and scrutinizing them). Nothing is running away.

It’s your hard earned money (even if it’s not hard earned, you wouldn’t want to just throw it away!)

Why are you even in the Stock Market? How Do You Literally Get Lost In Market Without Knowing

Why are you even in the Stock Market? Reasons of your NOT SUCCEEDING in markets
Why are you trading/investing in stock market?
How to select right advisor for your investing trading needs?

Yes. You might think this is very obvious question. Of course to earn money.
But just repeat the question in your mind, to yourself, why am I even in the stock market? What am I doing? What do I want to achieve out of it? Why am I trading or Why do I want to trade?
The entire point we want to make here is that we have seen, over talking to thousands of persons and serving hundreds of clients that they literally are not FULLY AWARE of their actual purpose of being in stock market, except this vague obvious idea that ‘it will earn them money or to make money’
This is problem one and it gets worse. At least, at this stage they have this consciousness of making money, although they didn’t have full understanding of their goals, objectives and plan for entering market or starting trading and investing.

Now, after they are in market, this thing gets worse in the form of them completely forgetting WHY THEY WERE IN THE MARKET IN THE FIRST PLACE?
Yes, this happens. Imagine you setting out for a trip to, say Ladakh and on the way visiting Delhi, Simla and so on and your time and expenses are running out. You get immersed in destinations on the way that you forget to focus on getting to Ladakh. Although, this is not an exact illustration, I hope you understand what I want to say.
Because of this, after sometime in market, the person starts to trade and invest haphardly, tries to get in and out of stocks, takes advice of any Tom, Dick, Harry and Tanyas, or Sonias of xyZ stock advisory who calls him, keeps registering on anonymous websites offering literally 90-99% accurate trade tips…and so on….

…This is what we mean by “completely forgetting WHY THEY WERE IN THE MARKET IN THE FIRST PLACE?”
This happens because of one or many of the reasons below,
1.      complete dumbness (sorry) of the investor about how the market works and commonsense of purchasing any service or professional advise
2.      Genuine non-awareness of the way market works, how to select and not select a good advisor, non awareness of unscrupulous malpracticing businesses in this field of stock consulting etc.
3.      Initial losses in the market kills the temperament, moral, tempo and mood of the person which disorients him from prudent thinking and acting regarding all these
You will find the below pop up on our site on home page reminding every visitor what are basic purposes of them being in the market which I also put below, (comprise both investing and trading)
1. You want to generate extra/side income source.
2. You want to build a long term portfolio for your family and kids.
3. You want to increase your standard of living.
4. You want to participate and benefit from the Indian economy and growing stock markets.
5. You have a certain risk capital and you want to try it on stock/commodity trading.
6. You are a fulltime trader or want to be a fulltime trader.
7. You are broker or stock market professional.

This thing actually makes them commit lots of other mistakes which ultimately leads them into decisions which in turn give them further failure in trading and investing.
So, the whole point is you must not GET DISORIENTED and let your subconscious mind take over you.
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