Oct 17, 2013

Education for Investors and Traders for Indian Stock Market

Emphasis on Education:
We have added a new dimension to our work. Yes, that is investors and traders awareness, education and learning. You have been sold tips and advice but never told even once rightly ‘how to invest wisely?’ or ‘how to trade smartly?’ or even the ‘basic financial planning rules’.

We will not just guide you to make money by buying and selling but help you improve your knowledge which will become a part of your wisdom for your entire life.
Education will be provided via webinar, personal phone call discussion, soft copy email files/e-books, spot seminars, group discussion, phone conference calls, and one-to-one discussion apart from the day to day interaction with your own relationship executive at the our premises during the course of your trading.

Investors need education more than knowledge. Not all can gather wisdom to become an astronaut, or rocket scientist yet everybody can know the basics of how a space mission works and what to do in space and what not to do to live and die. Similarly, ‘education’ is necessary to find out what is market, what is investing, why invest, why invest in stocks, what to do, what not to do, how to select right advisor, how to reject wrong advisor, what question to ask to your advisor and so on. So, now you understand what we mean by investors ‘education’. Yeah!
You will find listing or our very very very important such articles prepared  by text book study, practical live testing, back testing, experience of world’s top successful investors, writing and teaching of world’s top successful investors, and by advisory, portfolio management and personal experience of investing of our in house and freelance fundamental research team.
Education will be provided via webinar, personal phone call discussion, soft copy email files/e-books, spot seminars, group discussion, phone conference calls, and one-to-one discussion apart from the day to day interaction with your own relationship executive at the during the course of your trading about the various topics here.
Please find below the articles. Some have links to our other investors and traders portal, while some articles are provided here below only, while some links will open in this very website. We have tried to provide them in ascending order of ‘knowledge’ and investor needs.
So, go on, be a tiger!
Investor Education is all about how to benefit from investment opportunities without falling into pitfalls. Understanding the right approach/orientation/mindset and adhere to it. Understanding the wrong approach/orientation/mindset and discard it or stay away from it.

Investors don't need to learn ratio analysis, that's our work. But they must know what a ratio analysis is. Investors education doesn't mean teaching you to analyse stock market. It means teaching you and making you aware about the opportunities that markets offer. This will enable you to understand the crucial 'Dos' and 'Don't' of the market which everyone must know. It means developing the right healthy approach towards investing. When you go on board a flight, you don't fly yourself, you are not supposed to fly the plane because you want to reach somewhere, no. But you need to know the manual for safeguarding, you are advised about the rules to be adhered and guidelines. Suppose, if you panic due to noise created by take off or become fearful and panic when you look out from your window from ten thousand feet, you get crazy and faint or puke. Suppose, you think you can ride the plane and suppose, you somehow find the way to cockpit and start tackling the gears! Because you think you know about 'stuff'. Suppose, what if you are carrying a pistol full of bullets? Suppose, it is a small charter you are boarding or you are alone in it.  These example seems extreme. But it is not. It is completely fitting. Suppose, you are not informed about the oxygen mask and a disaster strikes and the oxygen level drops. You are in dire trouble then.
Now, come out of the plane. Suppose, the plane is 'market' or 'investing' or 'trading'. You can co-relate and give analogy. Getting on board with pistol bullets means you are investing with emotions, you get cheerful and optimistic when market rise and blue channel and yellow papers say so, and you get sad or panic when the market falls. You don't know where the oxygen mask is in time of extreme need on board is similar to not knowing what to do in a falling market or when your stock is plunging and portfolio value starts bleeding. If you have education/awareness/understanding/right orientation/right approach/Do's and Don'ts in terms of different situation and important issues of markets/trading/investing then there is no way you can fail. You are bound to succeed. These is what Investor Education is!
Our research team has prepared the following topics which must be known to every investors. We are preparing more such topics which will be imparted to Members via modes of pdf e-books, video tutorials, webinars, one to one phone call discussion education, seminar, and hard cover books.

 1.    What is Investment? What are the objectives of Investment? Devastating effect of inflation on your money. Why invest ? Why invest in Stocks ?
2.    The Concept of Compounding Rate of Interest. The Concept of inflation and investment simply explained. The history of returns on investment in Indian and World Stock markets. Why NOT investing in Stock market is Risky?
3.    Classification of Investment based on Duration. Meaning of Short Term, Mid Term, Long Term, and Longer Term investment.
4.    Classification of Asset Classes. Classification across asset classes and Classification within Equities. Ideal asset allocation within equities and across all asset classes.
5.    3 Essential Strategies for Investors.
6.    Portfolio Investing: The key to superior returns in markets.
7.    About Diversification and Concentration in investing.
8.    About Wealth Destruction in Stocks and How to avoid it. Aviation Sector Case study. SKS Micro case study.
9.    The art of making your Stock Investment cost zero.
10. Important things to know about IPOs. Why avoid most of the IPOs?
11. Classification of Money/investible money.
12. Why you must stay INVESTED in markets? The Cost of missing best days in markets.
13. What is Strategy based Advisory vs. Blind Tips.
14. What is Contrarian Investing? How it is useful to you?
15. About market correction and more
16.  Enter before these 10 crore investors & benefit from early bird investment in Indian Equity markets?
17. How handful of people ate cream of Indian Economic Growth and Why it is not their fault?
18. The most common mistakes of investors? Including irony etc…
19.  Why bubbles will continue to create in markets?
20.  How to overcome fear of falling markets?
21.  What is a Stock/Share? What is a Stock market?
22.  What is investing? What is trading? The difference between them.