Nov 12, 2009

Beware Investors and traders !: Thodi si to CLICK Kara De...

Will you take services of a restaurant that ADVERTISES other restaurants?

Will you go to an MBBS for treatment who puts banners of ADVERTISEMENT about other doctors and hospitals?

Will you buy a TV, Refrigerator etc. from a company's showroom where you find ADVERTISEMENTS and PROMOTIONS of another Companies similar type of products?

Will you put your kids into a School or College which puts banners of promotions and advertisements of How good/better other schools are and provides addresses and contact details of other schools?


..........Then will you take advise from any Analyst, Consultant, advisor or tips provider WHO PUT ADVERTISEMENTS OF OTHER ANALYSTS or ADVISORIES FOR EARNING FEW BUCKS IN CLICKS..?
...we know the answer..It Is Obviously a Bigger NO.

So next time you find any link or advertisement or any other promotional banner etc. on any website/portal of analyst of advisor or advisory company, ASK YOURSELF "WILL THESE PEOPLE GIVE YOU SATISFACTORY SERVICE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?'

Remember another thing:
Never deal with such people whose honesty, integrity and purpose of service are at doubt.
This we don't write to devalue other but because we felt it a need to put this point before investors and traders. The Final choice will always be yours.
In many ways THIS SEEMS TO BE A MATTER OF APPLYING COMMON SENSE, how can a company put its COMPETITORS' ADVERTISEMENTS AND PROMOTION BANNER AND LINK on its portal...unless (1) getting money for advertisement, or (2) the other portal/advisory also owned and run by him only in disguise.! Simple.


(1) The product or service must be different. For e.g., a stock advisor or analyst can put a Broking Company's advertisement for Opening Demate Account, but not the advertisement of research, analysis and tips service of the broking company.
(2) The analyst/website portal must not provide paid tips and advisory service--if it wants to put advertisements or other analysts/tips advisory companies. In such case the portal/analyst/person operating the portal is either (1) doing it for fun or say blogging hobby, or (2) the person/portal has been completely made and operated for generating advertisement revenues. And there is nothing wrong in trying to earn revenues from advertisements. BUT REMEMBER IT WITHOUT FAIL THAT THEN SUCH PERSON SHOULD NOT HIMSELF PROVIDE PAID SERVICE.

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