May 31, 2017

L&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LTD. Long Term & Multi Bagger Recommendation

Recommendatino : Buy
View : Short to Mid Term
Strategy : Buy at CMP and on Dips
CMP : bse spot 128.50

Commentary :
The stock is an L&T Group company. Right now financial services sector is the flavour of the month so on short term basis as well as for the whole of this entire bull market as it clearly seems.
The stock remained sideways since its listing for 5 years before it  finallly broke out above 100 levels in late 2016. It is definitely going up and could double in next 12 months. We expect the stock to continue to rise but follow up corporate actions will require as a boost, that is why for longer term investors we suggest to buy at CMP as well as willingness to buy around 100 levels.
For very long term investors like 5 years and above, this price will give 5-10 multiple return.

You can see the weekly chart how the stock has moved in last 6 years.

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