Jan 20, 2010


Financial Express reporting FIIs heading for midcap, smallcap shares:http://www.financialexpress.com/news/FIIs-head-for-small---mid-cap-stocks/567856/

Please visit this link which will take you to a report of financial express regarding how FIIs are now becoming bully over the midcap space on indian bourses.

Reliance Mutual Fund:
Reliance Mutual Fund sees merit in investing in midcaps. Also says Domestic fund flows to be stronger in Feb-Mar 2010

Edelweiss Capital bullish on Midcaps:
Follow the below link giving views of Edelweiss Capital on moneycontrol.com for markets in the year 2010.
Excerpt: "... Therefore, the stocks will do well or stocks which are undervalued especially in the midcaps space or in the smallcaps space that will show movements."

PN Vijay's expects midcaps will report good numbers:
Follow the link from moneycontrol.com where famous analyst and portfolio manager 
Excerpts: "...and PN Vijay said he expects especially the midcap companies to report good numbers ahead."

Udayan Mukharji: Managing Editor of CNBC TV 18 contended in his article in FORBES INDIA magazine issue dated 22nd January 2010 to "Look beyond Index heavyweights, and said 2010 could be the year of midcap stocks."

Angel Broking views:
Below is the link where you will find Rajen Shah, Chief Investment Officer, Angel Broking's views.
Also you will find views of KC Securities how they are bullish on midcaps.

IDFC SSKI sees opportunities in midcaps:
"...The reason why this conference is topical at this point in time is because all of last year you have seen a largecaps outperforming midcaps by a significant margin in the early stage of the rally and last year was significantly driven by top-down and a macro theme of India and India’s growth. But now this year, it’s going to be more a stock pickers market and I think this conference (emerging star conference) is therefore very relevant."
"...People like hedge funds etc would have significantly pruned down their holdings in the midcaps and they are getting back up and increasing their holdings in those stocks."
"...So there are same investors, but they have renewed focus on adding the midcap portfolio. Investors, who have actually cut their exposure to midcaps very significantly last year and are building up those positions again."
"...Clearly, midcaps are very-very buoyant about their businesses, there is a same kind of feeling you got from largercap companies earlier in the year where you found that in mid September large companies had started to say that their businesses are turning around. ...midcap companies have already witnessed a turnaround, it's probably the first phase of their growth rate and good numbers, so they are pretty buoyant about their businesses."
"...they are more looking at picking stocks and now they find that the value in the midcap stock while the multiples are not too different is that it is significantly high growth."

Famous Trader ATUL SURI also bullish on midcaps:
Click below link to read his views, why he is bullish on midcaps now.

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