Jul 15, 2010

HOusing Finance Counters: Update on Recommendation given on Behavioral Finance principles

Behavioral finance has just evolved in earlier part of this decade.
Understanding of behavioral finance can help tremendously in investing; and so in trading and speculation as well.
On 13 May, we reported in brief about the application of rule of behavioral finance in housing finance sector stocks. We talked about the ‘representative’ and ‘leadership’ bias. How small companies tend to follow the sector leader. We covered a sector with fewer listed companies.
The LIC Housing is listed industry leader and after it Dewan Housing, Gruh Finance, Ind Bank Housing, Can Fin Homes can be listed amongst the housing finance specific companies.

DEWAN HOUSING has since shot up to new high of 260 from 230 levels.
While GRUH FINANCE has since shot up to new high of 351 from 290 levels.
Can Fin Homes hit new high of 140 today, while Gruh Finance, and Dewan Housing also hit highs in this month. while Ind Bank Housing is trading firmly above 20.
We still recommend both of this stocks for fresh buys.
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