Sep 19, 2018


The NPA epidemic has spread into some of the private pure play NBFCs and this one is one of them and investors and traders also seem to see it to be topping out and booking out hefty profits incurred during last 2-4 yrs. 
Technically you can see how it is looking breaking down from range of 1400 and 1100 to may be go down below 1000 to 850 levels. With this new currency situation in play and the possible RBI response to that, the whole financial segment is now being looked at as risk area in certainty terms what may or may not happen with rate hike and of course the technicals (benchmark indice moves) and new factor (upcoming election calculations of investors) also factored in. The straight upmove days for broad markets are long over for the 2nd half of FY19 is very clear.
Anyways, the suggested stock can be traded by selling call options, buying put options, selling futures, selling delivery shares, selling intraday levels.

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