Dec 12, 2009


Above is the link of a recent interview video of Jim Rogers, the in infamous Commodities King. It is world known that he is bearish on dollar and the US economy including the most of the western part of the world and seem to be only and only bullish on Chinese economy even excluding Indian Stock markets.
In this vieo interview he confesses of acquiring dollars in recent past by saying that '..he own more dollars now than few days before..." Jim Rogers is an indisputable commodities king and a finance and investing veteran but his recent attacks on dollar and and the 'bankrupt US economy..and then confusing statements and acts regarding owning more dollars and being a horrible trader...even his body language seems not to be in tune and integrity with his speech. His fundamental ideas on finance and investments are a real gem to any student but his recent comments and activities are bound to raise criticism and doubts.
he also adds that he is still EXTREAMLY BEARISH on US dollar but argues that US dollar is going to get strong may be because every one is bearish right now and normally this leads to rally and short-squeez, meanwhile he also added that he is a horrible trader and a loser trader. we think this all seems to be meaning nothing and even confusing to lay-persons. he mentions to be a macro investor in his books and also says is not a trader, then why is he playing with dollar instead of sitting tight and holding to his point. While his all books are worth a read to all students of finance and investment; his arguements on letting banks and financial institutions go bankrupt and the whole financial market collapse does not get support from any one except the likes of mark fabers of the world.