Apr 28, 2012

Web Review: www.NSEIndia.com, Official Website of National Stock Exchange of India Ltd

Stock exchange or bourse is a mutual organization which provides facilities for stock brokers and traders, in trading company stocks and other securities, and for the issue of redemption of securities and other financial tools and capital events like the payment of income and dividends. Stock Exchanges in India also assist the issue and release of securities and other monetary tools incorporating the fortification of revenues and dividends. National Stock Exchange of India is India’s largest Stock Exchange and World’s third largest stock exchange in terms of transactions. In this article we are going to give review on www. Nseindia.com  which is the official website of National Stock Exchange India Ltd.

NSE website has proved as a boon not only for the investors but also for the aspiring financial professionals seeking proper training and education in financial markets. The main objective behind NSE is to establish trading facility nationwide for all types of securities. It also ensures equal access to all investors in the country through the process of an appropriate telecommunication network. NSE was able to achieve its objectives within a very short span of time. NSE has national reach to major market segments like equity or capital markets, futures and options or derivatives market, wholesale debt market, mutual funds, initial public offerings and so on. NSE provides an easy access to all the important information related to financial instruments.

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Apr 15, 2012

Important Quotes from Warren Buffett's 2012 Letter to Shareholders

Warren Buffett's 2011-12 annual letter to shareholders, here are important quotes from it.

On value: "The logic is simple: If you are going to be a net buyer of stocks in the future, either directly with your own money or indirectly (through your ownership of a company that is repurchasing shares), you are hurt when stocks rise. You benefit when stocks swoon. Emotions, however, too often complicate the matter: Most people, including those who will be net buyers in the future, take comfort in seeing stock prices advance. These shareholders resemble a commuter who rejoices after the price of gas increases, simply because his tank contains a day's supply."

On market moves: "Here a confession is in order: In my early days I, too, rejoiced when the market rose. Then I read Chapter Eight of Ben Graham's The Intelligent Investor, the chapter dealing with how investors should view fluctuations in stock prices. Immediately the scales fell from my eyes, and low prices became my friend. Picking up that book was one of the luckiest moments in my life."

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