Apr 3, 2013

The possible Indian Stock Market Nifty Movement in Next 12 months

The State of the Markets as on today and Where are they heading?
Indian Stock Markets, Nifty, Sensex Future in Next 12 months:

We saw NIFTY touching 6111.80 on 29 Jan 2013, which was almost 2 year high for Indian Stock Markets.
As we had explained how the markets can rise in coming months in our last article of September 2012, the market almost behaved in the anticipated fashion.
(Please read the article at below link giving explanation with charts. Also find how we predicted a US Stock Markets present bull run)

We will, in this article discuss what could be the course of the Indian Stock Markets in the coming months. We will also give a short commentary on global markets which comprises of US, Europe and Asian markets other than India.

The markets behaved haywire in January and gave hopes of a new year long and more bull run by making almost more than 2 year highs.