Apr 11, 2010

Comex Gold To Hit All Time High ?

From every  time we have given my transparent  view on global market,commodities,currency.

Many time we have written that comex gold.

...Just see gold never close 3 consecutive days or weekly below 1040,made low of 1085 and hit last lower top of $1161...

...click on the link what we have written about gold 

now open your eyes and read carefully bears only control below $1040 and that never happen.

Now what to expect from this levels?

3 CONSTITUTIVE + WEEKLY CLOSE above 1161 will confirm the inverted head and shoulder pattern and my target will be 1247,
for clear chart click on the image.


Repeatatio of no-resulting action is as good as repeatition of mistake

                     Have you ever found yourself doing repeatation of things?. Probably many times. Even worst when the similar action doesn't result into different or your desired outcome. The very thing happens in trading. You are behaving the sameway. You are using and implementing the same system of trading. Trying to get signals for entry, managing position and making an exit. Then again entry signal. But you are not satisfied. You are not making any money. Or even worse you are paying high tuition fee. This is the point when you emotion of the ego-side will argue that "all is right with me, I am following a system, a trading plan. I am not doing things haphazardly.'. 
                     But wait. It's not about doing things right, but doing the right thing!. Your system just isn't working. Many traders have a tendency to fall in trap that they have a system and thats it. They think they are now ahead of 50 per cent of the competition who do not use any system, trading plan, money management plan and so on. They are right but not completely. An the proof is the fact they are not making money when there is enough volatility in the markets. Now here they need to change and shift to that Doing The Right Thing rather than the other way. They need to pay attention to this that Aren't they trying to expect different results although doing the same thing? Then it can not happen. Mind here: This doesn't mean that you should continue changing your system or trading plan. No. Just remain aware that the psychology of Doing thing right doesn't ride you. Sufficient observation time has you have let to understand that some thing is not working than bring change. 
Remember always: "The definition of insanity by Albert Einstein- Repeating same thing and expecting different results every time"