Sep 22, 2012

NIFTY OUTLOOK (24th September, 2012)


The NSE Nifty spot closed at 5691 up by 2.5% with gap up and huge huge buying pressure. Non-retailer has benefited from this buying pressure. Is this real bullish trend or making fool to retail investor. At this time, Retail investor will think about "bulls come back" in the market to pull nifty  spot again above 6000-6300 level or record high. On the other hand, lot of stocks have price of 4500 level nifty, but the actual nifty spot is at nearer to 5700. How this can be possible ? This question was raised in our mind. The answer is huge buying in only heavy weight banking and finance sector and stocks with Nifty spot stocks involving manipulation. If changes would not be taken in nifty spot stocks, our actual nifty spot would be approx 5000 or below that. Still there are lot of words to write, but you can contact our analysts to get proper in-depth research about market and its trading. In the technical, nifty opened gap up and didn't fill the gap, and been bullish on the weekend. Lower indicators are showing more bullish trend or expected buying in coming days. As a result nifty spot may reach to 6000 as per our statistics and economical analysis. Intraday traders are advised to be very cautious about their intraday positions, positions should be square off  in intraday only. Medium term investors should trade with lower quantity in the market till some time or until some political stability is not there.

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Megha Investments & Research Team
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