Aug 16, 2014



1      New Traders believe there is some magic trading method that always wins, they search for the Holy Grail of trading.
2      New Traders do not understand that the very best traders have strings of losses , losing months, and sometimes even losing years. They think rich traders always win.
3      New Traders want to know what is going up or down, they focus on tips instead of the mechanics of trading.
4      New Traders hand out advice freely to others, good traders realize that decisions are based on individual methods and do not give out tips.
5      New Traders are looking for that one big winning trade to go all in on, good traders are trading good systems that they risk 1% per trade on.
6      New Traders confuse bull markets for skill.
7      New Traders confuse luck for skill.
8      New Traders want advice, good traders want robust systems.

9      New Traders run from method to method and from mentor to mentor after every losing streak, good traders know exactly who they are and what methods they trade.