Dec 21, 2009

Don't read this IF YOU WANT 1 MULTIBAGGER every day !

      This one is for matured and sensible investors. This is just the example how much we have been able to gvie back to our PMS-1(closed for subscription) and PMS-1(open for subscription) members. The following charts will tell you about our Diwali pick and the BONUS stocks that we gave to our PMS members.
      We really pity those investors who get into trap of companies promising to give 5 calls each day and multibagger also! This sums to around 25 stock recommendations per month and mind boggling almost close to 250 stock recommendations in a year!!!!
     Any way it's still not too late (you will come to know when it is late...simply because we will close the subscription!) for subscribing to TargetPMS-2 and MIDCAP PMS 8 stocks portfolio.This also comes with LIFETIME followup! With Free existing portfolio reshuffling advice! with 1 month of trading based HOTCALLS also absolutely Free!
    Dial or SMS 09377008708 or email us at