Sep 20, 2013


How MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH® is different than all other advisory

1.  Strong backbone of and consolidation of our long experience and expertise in markets
2.  Law of large numbers: We all trade together as a group and better our prospects of winning trades
3.  Wealth improvement Concept by trading and investing and not selling products of day trade etc.
4. Long Term Relationship Approach: Our approach is to start with 1 year then quarter and then extend each client to 1 year. We don't want people looking to hit big by monthly membership and tips service.
5.  Emphasize on Education: Educating our members on various topics of investing and trading.
6.  Trade Verification: We at most times are doing the same trades in some or other of our own clients or personal account, this adds in our responsible behaviour while sending out advice to clients.
7.  Trade Justification: We follow world class trading and investing techniques. We will send you with graph and logic why we selected certain trade and why we failed in every failed trade. We don't make you play blind.
8.  Wealth for Health: Everyone knows the importance of money in modern lifetime. We help you improve your wealth and in turn improve your health too.
9. Following top traders and investors of world and India: Yes, we follow approaches of top successful traders and investors in India. With our network all members remain with the trend and gain from the trend.
10. Concept of giving 'trades' and not 'tips' : Tips are for beggars. We give 'trend trades'. As mentioned we will trade along with the top traders and other fellow members of the club. So, all advice will be 'trades' and not like 'tips sms' you purchase from so called tips advisory firms.
11. Gain from Growth of India: Yes, this is the main concept why this firm exists. For Indians. We want all to gain from economic growth of our own India. It's not fair that few are eating the cream out of stock and commodity markets. We will show you and help in gaining from the growth of your own India.

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Loser vs. Gainer: What are you? Read why most lose in trading?

Loser vs. Gainer: What are you?
There are 2 types of personas in this market .Losers and gainers. 95% are losers and 5% only are Gainers.
The stock market advisers rely on losers for their business. Yes, it is right. A loser wants to earn money. Loser doesn't think like now you think- in terms of wealth for health. The loser will search the internet and find websites/so called advisory companies who will give them free ‘tips’. They lose money and then turn to another ‘tips provider’ and then again lose money. He continues until he loses all money, and then bids goodbye to investment and trading for his entire lifetime.

You don’t want to be one, do you?
While Gainers have their advisors. Gainers have legal advisors, their chartered accountants, their wealth advisors and their health advisors. They don’t search for ‘free tips’, because they know ‘WHAT IS THE WORTH OF THAT THING WHICH IS FREE-ZERO’
The loser takes advice after losing. First, he goes to money-grabber so called ‘tips providers’ and then turn to the ‘right people’ after losing most of his initial capital and more importantly his confidence, trust and moral. They first take advice and then invest or trade. For this they find right knowledgable people by asking them right questions. While loser just rely on flattering commitment of ‘big overnight profits’.
Thus the loser also again and again keep taking tips from small advisory companies and keep on losing. They first open demat and trading account, then start trading without knowing basic requirements of this business. They keep on watching news channels and keep tracking the market on their own. They are also foolish enough to lose focus from their own business and job.
Losers does not maintain stop loss. They trade with emotions.  They hold on with losses, and wait for m2m. On the other hand the gainer appoints legal advisors and takes service of a reputed and established experienced company who don’t sell ‘tips’ but show way to improve wealth because ultimately you want to improve your wealth and financial well being, you want to improve your bank balance, you don’t want to track the ups and down of market. You are not interested in playing stock market game of buying and selling, right!

Why most lose in trading is because,
1. They enter with less capital and the nature of trading is that they get wiped out
2. They trade emotionally
3. They first open demat, trading account and start trading on 'hot tips' and wipe out initial capital and their confidence and moral; then search for education/knowledge and good advisor instead of the other way around
4. They are not full time or don't have full time team working for him as support
5. They fail with the concept of SL-Stop Loss.
6. They keep watching blue channels, staring at terminal screens and read/rely on yellow papers
7. They don't have mentors and guides
8. They don't trade with systems and not invest with proven methods/approach found by successful people in past
9. They book profit early, and keep losing position longer
10. They never complete learning curve and get out of market by blaming market and others instead of themselves
11. They don't know how to understand and integrate investing and trading in their overal 'life financial/wealth planning'
...there are many other reasons as well.

Any ways, don't worry no more as you are with the MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH team cnow!.

We don’t give Tips, We give ‘Trades of Trend’:

We don’t give Tips, We give ‘Trades of Trend’:
Beware of 'Tips' providers. What are Tips? A tip is for beggar. Are you a beggar? No, you are sons and daughters of great India. Asking for tips is like bagging. You are relying your hard earned wealth on some fluke to come true and then bet your money. This is the cause of your losses in stock market and commodity market.
You should ask ‘How can I increase my wealth?’ to the advisor. But you ask for 'free tips'. The advisor also doesn’t ask you right questions. But it is your money, your future. So, it is you who have to become vigilante and ask right questions to the advisor/service provider. Ask for trades. Ask about your financial planning. Ask about what you will learn in terms of education. Ask about risk management. Ask about reasonable return on your capital. Also ask about whether your advisor has any product and service for long term investment. Ask, do they provide advice to investment in mutual funds. Ask them what to do to secure you children’s future. Ask them how you can secure your life, wealth and health…
We don’t sell tips, because we don’t think of you as beggars. We help you how to improve your wealth for your health. When someone tries to tell you they sell tips or give tips, remember the waiter in restaurant whom you give tip after finishing your meal . Are you that waiter? No. Then, don't go after 'tips'.

As per one of the main theme of our services 'invest with investors, trade with traders', we put same trade as we give you, so we will also provide with the proof of the same to you. This is called 'trade verification proof'.

So, what we give is 'Trend Trades'. Yes, We give TRADES and not tips. We give trend trades because trend is out friend. For investors going against trend is profitable and for traders going with the trend is profitable. So always remain with the trend, be it up or down, we do not care. We just care about finding trend and remaining with the trend.

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