Sep 20, 2013

We don’t give Tips, We give ‘Trades of Trend’:

We don’t give Tips, We give ‘Trades of Trend’:
Beware of 'Tips' providers. What are Tips? A tip is for beggar. Are you a beggar? No, you are sons and daughters of great India. Asking for tips is like bagging. You are relying your hard earned wealth on some fluke to come true and then bet your money. This is the cause of your losses in stock market and commodity market.
You should ask ‘How can I increase my wealth?’ to the advisor. But you ask for 'free tips'. The advisor also doesn’t ask you right questions. But it is your money, your future. So, it is you who have to become vigilante and ask right questions to the advisor/service provider. Ask for trades. Ask about your financial planning. Ask about what you will learn in terms of education. Ask about risk management. Ask about reasonable return on your capital. Also ask about whether your advisor has any product and service for long term investment. Ask, do they provide advice to investment in mutual funds. Ask them what to do to secure you children’s future. Ask them how you can secure your life, wealth and health…
We don’t sell tips, because we don’t think of you as beggars. We help you how to improve your wealth for your health. When someone tries to tell you they sell tips or give tips, remember the waiter in restaurant whom you give tip after finishing your meal . Are you that waiter? No. Then, don't go after 'tips'.

As per one of the main theme of our services 'invest with investors, trade with traders', we put same trade as we give you, so we will also provide with the proof of the same to you. This is called 'trade verification proof'.

So, what we give is 'Trend Trades'. Yes, We give TRADES and not tips. We give trend trades because trend is out friend. For investors going against trend is profitable and for traders going with the trend is profitable. So always remain with the trend, be it up or down, we do not care. We just care about finding trend and remaining with the trend.


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