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ICRA LTD.-Not Competing with CRISIL?

You and We, till date believed ICRA is only peer to/fro CRISIL LTD.
But The BSE Website suggests something else!
BSE's portal suggests BLB, Emkay Glob Fin, and Almondz Global such companies are peers of ICRA. There is no mention of CRISIL LTD.
If the information is incomplete, non-factual, and misleading, than what is the use?
Same case with many other companies where the Exchange fails to provide useful data.
No information is better than Wrong information.
Never mind our visitors, You can always Rely on MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH!
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Excellent trading calls! This is what's REAL research. Extremely bold view. I am three times more confidence in markets now in any type of situation.
-Sumit Patel, via email, Rajkot

I have been blindly following your delivery calls.
I had to keep patience in few but most made me extra ordinary profits. This I realize now when I see in hindsight. Thank you. God bless.
-Surjit Singhania, via SMS

Good service, continue the same.
thank your very much.
good job done.
extensive research.
thanking your once again.
-Bhupendra, Trivendram, via Contact Form

-Divyang Vora, Bharuch

Your news letter weekly is very appreciable and is according to market trends. I congratulate for these efforts.
-K Khantwal, Ponta Sahib, H.P

Now that market is on crucial juncture and is about to break up or down (which definitely u will predict and guide the best)—at this point I would like to interact few things from my perspective and for all investors view point.
I remember the time 2 years back when the Bull Run faded and was converted into bear phase—at that time u predicted and analyzed that BANKING AND AUTO SECTOR will be outperformer in the next cycle and that stage has almost come. Irrespective of market making new highs or not—the targets given by u and your team for many of the banking, autos and pharma stocks are already achieved and some running ahead of that also—bonus for those investor who r still holding them.

At this point—my question is to ask u that now which sector will be next churning outperformer in the next cycle(as this ups and downs are going to continue—from 21k  to 10 k—from 10k-21k and again so on).
Sir kindly analyzed and guide the next bull runners—stocks and their targets as a new year bonanza—request from ur paid service member and friend—so that investors like me can be benefitted.

Seeing to the historical highs and lows of many stocks I have seen that there are many stocks which were trading at 10-15 rs 10 years back and now they are trading above 1000 rs price. What a magnificent return on investment?

Seeing to the risk reward ratio I feel that you suggest few such stocks which can give 1000 fold returns to investors in long run—as u r much more experienced and involved in market then many others—I think u can definitely predict whether textile, media, engineering or any other sector will be outperformer in next few years.

That was just a request from your real fan and genuine long term investor and ur follower.

Thanks a lot for what u r doing personally and professionally.
-Dr. Chetan Lalseta, via email

Your trading calls are great, but the way you predict the intermediate and long term trend is excellent…
-Mayapati, Kerala

Keep it up team!
-Babu George, Tamilnadu, via Contact form

Very good analysis.
-Sarish, Karnataka, Via Smsgupshup free groups

Your method is so impressive. I like it very much.
-Moksha, Via Smsgupshup free groups

I think, the assured profit products are best, I am an intraday nifty member continuously for last 3 months.
-Ravi Menon, Mumbai

Megha Investments research team is simply outstanding! They give more than just tips…
-Avadhoot S, India

Sir, I have searched many websites, but your articles are best. I look forward to become paid member in next year.
-Sudhir Shah, Surat

Their investors advisory products are best that I got. I lost money on so-called famous websites who advertise on moneycontrol.com etc.and received useless so-called multibagger tips every week 5! Thanks to megha investments team, who discussed with me and got my portfolio right. Thanks..
-Rajnishkumar Surendrakumar, Hariyana

I am satisfied with cash stock fii delivery calls. I want to start your … service. Thanks.
Sunil Nai, Trivendram

Your communication is very good. Your sms are swift and timely. I never had to wait for right update anytime in last one and a half month. I get sms after market close regarding how many points (in nifty fut) I earned or lost and net trading result. I like this system. It is a very good discipline for me. Thanks.
Mr.Senthil, Banguluru

I lost money to a couple of so called advisory/telemarketing companies. Megha research team not only recovered my money but also help me regain my confidence in markets. Thanks a lot.
Bhavesh Shah and Gauresh Shah, Surat

Your research on website is excellent. I will come to you only when I start trading and investing in markets.
Krupalesh TN, Haridwar, via phone

I have not traded much.  But as an investor I saved ** lakh rupees, selling some stocks given alert by megha investment team. The money I saved was more than what I paid for their advice.
Chandrasekshar, Andhra/Mumbai

I became a loser intraday stock trader to a pro nifty intraday trader. All credit goes to megha investments guys!!
Saurabh Jain, Faridabad

Their assured profits commodity advice service is unmatchable. I was earlier a desperate trader who liked to remain on the phone with my advisory throughout the day. But megha inv team made me a cool and calm trader. Now I simply follow their message for trades and strategy as explained by them. I make 50% more than earlier. Thanks to megha investments team.
Kishorbhai, Patan/Jalna

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KEW INDUSTRIES LTD.-Technical and Insider Recipe

Enjoying shalibhadra finance or not from 23 to 29 -upper freezeeez! 
It's presently trading in seller freeze, my target 30 just click on the chart below and look cup and handle formation.
Moreover, insider says Larson and Tubro is planning to take over the company...

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Difference between Winners and Losers in Trading

  • Winners come for long-term career; losers come for short term bull market gains and fast money.
  • Winners have adequate capital, losers are generally undercapitalized.
  • Winners are always preparing for the best and prepared for the worst, whereas losers learns nothing and forgets everything.
  • Winners never repeat a mistake or if does then very less compared to the previous time they made similar mistake. While losers repeat mistake, even worse than that that they lose bigger than the previous time they made the mistake.
  • Winners trade/work in up and down and sideways all three types of markets, while losers play on favorites and comfortable side.
  • Winners learn and improve; losers sharpen their ego and continue to lose.
  • Losers think they have to earn a minimum daily, while winners know in trading we don’t earn daily. In fact it is a question of saving capital and safety many times.
  • Winners learn from others mistakes while losers think they know how to play the market and that luck is all they need.

Fresh n' Fantastic Delivery Stock Picks

Below are some Fresh Delivery Picks. 
No worry investing Calls. 
They are unique in that they are not expensive stocks. 
Companies are doing great. 
They have not have witnessed a run up. 
The volume in these counters are expanding. 
Big investors base are strong.
Some of the counters have consolidated and Ready for upmove.

Rolta India Ltd (CMP-190)
Power Grid Corporatio of India Ltd. (CMP-113)
PTC India Ltd. (CMP-114.50)
MRF Ltd. (CMP-7128)
Bosch Ltd. (CMP-4900)
NMDC Ltd. (CMP-300)
st tgt 332-363.
med term tgt, 416, 545.

We expect 20%-50% return in all the above counters for 1 to3 to 6 months duratoin.

Disclaimer: Our analysts and member have positions in PTC India Ltd., Rolta India Ltd.,