Jan 28, 2012

World Steel Production up 6.8% in 2011

World steel production rose 6.8% last year to a record 1.53 billion tonnes, the World Steel Association said, .
Growth was 8.9% in China, 7.1% in the US, 1 per cent in Germany, 5.7%, in India and 17 per cent in Turkey, the Brussels=based group said in a report on its website on Monday. While, Japan 's steel production fell 1.8%.

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Jan 27, 2012

UK unemployment rate rises to 16 year high

               The economically troubled UK's unemployment rate has rise in November at 8.4% as per Office of National Statistics figures, which was highest since January 1996. The unemployment rate is calculated based on International Labour Organisation methods. 

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This Stock will double in about 12 months

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Jan 25, 2012

Dow Jones analysis:New high possible in next 2-4 years

Dow Jones analysis:New high possible in next 2-4 years

The Dow Jones index made recent bottom of 6470.11 on 6 march 2009 on the back of Subprime housing crisis and Lehman brothers bankruptcy.
The level it made on 2 may 20011, 12807.36 must cross to blast above to touch and cross life time high of 1 oct 2007, 14198.10 lifetime high.
It has crossed 12724.41 made on 21 july 2011, on on jan 23, 2012 and made high of 12764.41, but failed to close above the 12724.41 level and closed at 12709.20.

So now Dow jones has to cross and close above first 12724.41 and then 12807.36 made on 2 may 2011, a daily close above this will confirm dow Jones up move upto 13412 and weekly close will likely confirm the breach of the all time high made on 1 oct 2007 14198.10 and rise above it.

Jan 16, 2012

Is 5800 possible in H2 FY12?

Market Trend

Nifty has given a better than expected start in 2012 since investors focus has shifted from gloomy scenario of sovereign euro debt crisis to positive economic data of US economy. Nifty has given a spectacular performance, rallied from the low of 4588 to the high of 4899 in just 10 trading sessions!! My view on short term trend is bullish where markets can make a high of 5050-5100, with 5100 being the key resistance area. But the hindrance to the market rally could be weak quarterly earnings, depreciating rupee and any important news relating to Euro debt crisis. However S&P downgrade of 8 Eurozone countries (Thank god Germany was spared) will lead to consolidation of Nifty in next two or three sessions.
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Jan 4, 2012

Investment classified into 4 on the basis of duration of investment

Now no confusion on what is short term investment and what is medium term and long term!
Read our unique classification of investment based on duration or period of investment.
Plan your investing activity based on our unique classification of investment based on duration of investment.


Many (most in fact) investors are confused about equity investments. Main reason being the volatility of markets and the investor’s inability to manage his emotional response to it.           
Other than psychological/behavioral aspects, the investor is also devoid of basic understanding as simple and as basic as ‘what is asset allocation?’ and “what should be called long-term investing and what not?”
Here in this article we have clearly explained the classification of equity investments on the basis of duration of investment. The classification mainly include the