Sep 19, 2010

SENSEX hits our Coveted and long popularize SENSEX TARGET of 19013

SENSEX hits our Coveted and long popularize 19013 TARGET:

 Unfortunately the SMS POST on (from our group FREESTOCKIDEA) became a little bit old and now not showing our post on hitting a search for ‘19013’, which it earlier before few months used to.
Neverthless, readers can try and hit “19013” or “sensex 19013” in on and find out prominent links how only and only MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH gave and boldly, repeatedly and confidently popularized our bullish tgt for SENSEX of 19013, just the way we did before THE BIG BEAR MARKET by promoting downside tgt for SENSEX of 11192.
Below is the SNAPSHOT OF GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT, the document which was published on Scribt site, which you can see at below link:

Below is a simple chart from yahoo finance site. It shows last 1 month Sensex activity. It shows that our said Target for Sensex was hit and crossed on 13, September 2010.

Friends, when our downside tgt for Sensex was achieved, not many people minded it. Similarly when our this 19013 tgt is hit now, many wouldn’t mind and take it for granted. They don’t believe that it is an extraordinary thing. Why such thing happen? In fact the forecasting of both of them is an event in itself. Suppose Mr.A is following us or is a customer or friend of us, and believes and acts strongly on our opinions, then the results/materilisation of our forecasts/achievement of tgts would benefit him immensely. Thus those who only read it as another blogpost or another forecast of markets available on internet; skipped it. Others who do follow us or might have been our customer or contact, but for many of them also this phenomenas wouldn’t bring amazement or fun or or even benefit for that matter! Why? Its simply the opposite case than Mr.A. They simply did not acted, and consecuently did not benefited anything from it.
As far as our memory or study is concerned we are not aware about any TV channel or online advisor or analyst giving such upside or downside targets and achieving it. Most importantly, not giving a specific number and boldly, aggressively, repeatedly and confidently popularizing it as well. With strong exhibition that the receiver of this message should act and such action would benefit him and inaction would likely harm him.
Warren Buffet’s guru Benjamin Graham once said “Wall Street people learns nothing and forgets everything”. He meant to include investors, and investors of all sorts. The same rule applies to achievement of our targets as well. People might have amazed by our targets when we were popularizing them, but after months and years, when these targets are achieved, they have forgotten the past, that in which type of situation we forecasted them! They forget the bear in bull and bull in bear. This oblivion and ‘long term loss of memory/recollection’ of market events nothing but harms themselves only. Alas, there are people out there amongst you who do remember such our forecasts, acted/act on them and then later when the thing materialize; reinforce their belief, trust and grow richer by knowledge and wealth. 


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