Jun 15, 2010

Movement of RNRL,RPower and Our article--Creating Understanding n Understanding Mkts

In the markets events happen. There is nothing wrong in it. But the only problem is that investors get confused. And those who are least informed and does not constitute amongst the HNI list of brokerages and high-profile portfolio managers Almost get a Fainting.
             Markets saw a Sharp response on the Day of 7 May 2010. It was the day when the Supreme Court in a Big judgment comprising India’s two largest Corporate, gave verdict in favor of RIL group and dismissed RNRL’s all contentions. This was a case lost which was aggressively and patiently pursued by the Reliance ADAG Group. The verdict against R-ADAG group took the group companies shares smashing down. RNRL tanked close to 27% and R-Power tanked close to 12% on that day. There was a complete dispersion amongst investors. Because the case was much hyped and both the group companies were to get tremendous benefit out of the favorable verdict if it ever was delivered in favour of the group.
Today RNRL has risen to 66, while RPower has risen to its monthly high of 180.

Now what does this mean. What about those who sold shares on the back of the so-called bad news and unfavourable verdict. Where are the “online-induvidualistic-fire-brand-socalled-analysts”?  those creatures are amongst the criminals who made investors panicked in the stock market. They are always ready to take benefit of market condition and make money by spreading rumours and bewildering investors by words such as ‘panick’ and so on. Our ethics stops me to name them otherwise we would have disclosed them to all and in open!
If you come around some such guy...Beware...Remember this article and protect yourself from the marketing trap of such unscruplous analysts who panick investors. They dont have any insight or understanding about mkts. They believe the markets to be a gambling den. And even strongly believe that THEY will earn money by employing tricks and technics and misguising and disguising investors and traders...more on this later..
No doubt the speculators were trying to make a killing and hammer the stock to take benefit of the bad news.
Lakhs of investors into these companies were see-sawing during past some months and after the verdict they were completely into confusion and fear.
We have received several emails, SMS and phone calls giving thanks for guiding them at time of uncertainty and havoc.

This was in regard to our 9 May, 2010 Report on ADAG Group companies. The report gave price analysis of RNRL, and RPower companies as well it also gave fundamental view for the stocks; giving investors’ confidence and strength in those times of fear and foul.
Here are some of the responses received from grateful investors and traders.
“I had 5000 shares of RNRL, I panicked and sold them on the verdict day. I was feared and also lost heavily. But after reading your article, I bought back all shares. And now I am well in profit. thank you to your analysts.”
Ramesh Bhayani- Ankleshvar, Gujarat, via contact Form.

“my father made a lot of money investing in reliance group. Then after when I grew up I have been hearing a lot of thing right and wrong about the reliance group. I was completely confused and did not understand what to do. I follow your site since 4 months. I read the article on ADAG group. this article made a lot of things clear in my mind.”
Dinesh Kothari, Mulund, Mumbai.

“Thanks for article on reliance group”
-Mayank Patel, via SMS, Rajkot
There are many other responses from investors and traders appreciating. But time and space constraints limits us to put all the responses.

“I have some shares of RelPower IPO. I blamed the market and did not understand what happened. After reading your article I try to understand how things worsk and how things worked. I knew what my faults were as well rather than blaming others only.
Ashvin Gulati, Delhi

“I commend MEGHA INVESTMENTS AND RESEARCH team for providing such a bold and transparent view on such important development in the markets. I am not a big investor. I have just started out. I have never invested in RNRL or RPower. But the explanation and insight provided and the comments on IPO thing is impressive.”
Ranjay Basu, Kolkata

Many persons have also asked question. Our Research Team will try and send comments to respective persons on email. Those who have not provided email will not receive response to their question.

9 May, 2010 we published Analysis on ADAG Group Companies. It comprises analysis on share price movement on both stocks before and after 6 May unfavourable verdict.
Please click on the below image to Read it.


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