Jul 7, 2018

Indian & World Stock Markets Update & Status As On 7 July 2018

Indian & World Stock Markets Update & Status As On 7 July 2018

The Indian stock markets continued to remain sideways, during the week ended on 7 July 2018. The lack of sell off helped the new listings like RITES, FINE ORGANIC and VARROC to give 5-20% gains.
The global markets also remained sideways with erratic up and down moves of 1-2% on up and down both sides. One can argue that has been the behaviour of the market since last 2 months at least.
The lack of trend on either side across the financial markets had been due to the international and domestic factors like that of change in RBI stance regarding interest rates, USA central bank rate hike, Donald Tump implementing his tariff threats over China, China retaliation measures and further counter action threats, the upcoming 2019 Loksabha election in Indian and the toughness faced by the incumbent PM Narendra Modi. As far as the ‘uncertainty sell off’ is concerned, we have been witnessing it for almost last 5-6 months, which has digested; at least the initial panic orinigated by them factors.
Amid all these and the sideways or what we call a languishing market; the Chinese mainland market has corrected below 3000 mark which it was trying to hold on since many years. The present bear market which has been persisting since almost last 6 months, which had its roots in Trump Tariff Tantrum; is expected to continue in the second half of the calendar year 2018 as well. It is however noticeworthy and a sigh of relief for the investors that the Dow Jones (benchmark index of USA stock markets) has maintained its critical 200 DMA thrice after that. However, the other important indicators still signs towards vulnerabilities in the technical chart set up. Our research suggests that any strong upmove is not going to happen in near term in this global trend setting equity indice and this 9th year since bull market began is going to be a year of profit booking and uncertainty which is likely to be followed by the global counter parts, be it the developed ones of the EMs like India.  We also believe that the present non-stop upmove rally in USA markets is due to mainly factors such as 1). The very low base of 2008 crash 2). The liquidity flood post USA financial crisis provided by the developed central banks 3). The improving macro economic data in USA and Europe 4). The election of Trump government which promised and implementing as well upon its corporate tax cuts, and ‘america first’ economic agendas.
We believe that the rally is taking a breather this year. The stocks rally in Europe could be backed by its own strength of macro and micro economic indicators. While the Asian economies, as usual and as always, continue to remain non-trending and non-decisive in whole global ball game of equity markets and vulnerable as they were to foreign funds flow, of which India has seen as much as USD 1 billion and USD  6 billion in debt markets, the highest in first half of any years in a decade. This clearly says something about the world markets changing trends and global investors’ changing portfolio settings.
We, however believed that there has to be a small cap and mid cap as well as large cap stock technical bounce back rally, of which some already started in last week trade. We believe this should be taken as an opportunity for longer term investors to invest in cement, entertainment, oil gas, real estate and some select stocks as they are available at cheap valuations.
Indian economy is just coming out of two huge economic disruptive events of note ban and GST while the LTCG also impacted and continue to impact the investments fraternity’s decision making esp.the FPI ones.
We think that the Indian markets would continue to languish around the present life time highs of NIFTY 11000 and SENSEX 36500 during the time until Mr. Modi is likely re-elected as PM. We have seen many jokes doing rounds in social networking that NIFTY is at 10800 but the portfolio of investors looks like NFTY of 8000. This has happened due to the sell off in mid cap and small caps while few large caps like HDFC, RIL, Maruti etc. continued to drive the benchmark indices up or at least maintained it near the life highs. So, this irony would continue to remain, and that is why we always suggest the lay investors to take advice of professional experienced investment advisory for their ventures into stock investing and trading.
The given views are subject to change d
epending on changing market and global economic conditions. Become member to benefit from market and individual stock moves.

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