Jul 23, 2016



At megha investments, we have a business model which is based on renewal or re-subscription of the existing customers.
So, why are the existing customers renew their services? Of course only when they are given good services in terms of support etc. and the profit target is achieved for which they have paid fees.
This is not possible if we are to chase hundreds of leads/free trials every day as it is done by most so called telemarketing advisory companies which are in fact call centres.
You simply can't focus on better customer service if you are trying to chase hundreds of new customers every day, in fact every hour.
Also, we know our customers are retain participants who trade or invest with as low an amount as Rs.25000 to 25 lakh and more. There are not a lot many people who are seriously interested in working with long term orientation in investing and trading as well. And out of them, there are much less who will understand the arguments of our firm and why should they trust us and pay advance charges without any free trials (article regarding "Why you should never take free trials?/Trape of Trials" already given earlier, go to our blog site), so this sums to a necessity for us to give the best services to THE EXISTING PAID CUSTOMERS whoever with us, if we want to remain in the business and make profit. This is what makes us different.
To do this, we work hard on our both the most important aspect of service delivery, which are (1) giving actual profits to customers for which they paid us charges, and (2) giving better support in terms of awareness, flexibility, and support on phone, email communication and other value added service.
This, we have been able to do consistently since last 10 years and also bring about improvement over time. That is why we have been able to survive WITHOUT DOING ANY TYPE OF MARKETING OR GIVING ANY FREE TRIALS.
This is just one of the many aspects of why you should choose megha investments and how can you choose a better advisory online for your needs of stock investing and trading consultancy.
We have written another article listing out in detail other similar aspects, please find the link else where on our site.

General Manager, Sujay


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